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Your questions answered! If you can’t find the answer below, feel free to contact us with the method at the end of this page.

We do not require students to wear masks, because the California Department of Public Health guidelines allow for children 12 and under to be maskeless for sports activities. See Guidelines Here.

We currently have two locations, both located in Fremont: Ardenwood Elementary School and James R Meyer Park in Glenmoor.

Click to View Our Class Locations and Times

Whether you want to request a Free Trial or register right away, take a look at our Class Schedule here.

Once you have found suitable classes, please Make an iClassPro Account here, add your children to our student roster, then sign them up for the classes you desire.

At the upper end, our classes have 6-10 students.

No, we do not give refunds for cancelled classes.  We do have however provide make-up class credits for cancelled classes.

If you are going for a vacation please let us know prior to doing so.  We can then place a pause on your membership so that you will not be charged for the time that child is not attending classes.  Once your arrive back from vacation please inform us and we shall then remove the pause when your child is ready to restart classes. 

For truly extenuating circumstances like sickness, you may submit a request for a makeup class along with any supporting verification documents, but we cannot guarantee your request’s approval.

We currently only offer coed classes. However, we did offer all-girls classes prior to the pandemic, and will be offering them again very soon. If you’d like to be notified when our all-girls classes return, tell us by Clicking Here.

Usually it takes our students anywhere between 4-8 months to get to the next level of their age group. This depends on how often your student comes to our classes and how much your student practices what we teach them outside of class.

Our tution depends upon how many classes a student attends per week, as well as how many students a parent enrolls:

$120 per Month for 1 Class per Week (4 classes total, $30 per class)
$200 per Month for 2 Classes per Week (8 classes total, $25 per class)
Sibling Discount – 10% Off Your Total Bill When You Enroll 2 or More Students

Register for Classes Now

We will send you an email or text ahead of the class.

Sadly, due to continued abuse of our once-lenient makeup class policy, we can no longer offer makeup classes, other than for the classes that we cancel on our end.

If you are anticipating an extended absence from class and need us to place a pause on your membership, you may inform us via email.

For truly extenuating circumstances, you may submit a request for a makeup class along with any supporting documents, but we cannot guarantee your request’s approval.

We will notify you and cancel classes for those days. We will also give you make up class credits for the cancelled days.

All students are required to bring their own water bottles and basketballs. Every student’s ball should have that student’s name written on it, to avoid any confusion during classes.

    1. 27.5 for students ages 5-7 years old
    2. 28.5 for students 8-10 years old and all girls 8 year old and up
    3. 29.5 for boys 11 year old and up.

The only form of payment that we currently accept is credit card.

Our coaches consistently monitor our students’ performance in class and if we ever feel your student has reached a level in which he or she is ready, we update the administration.

We do! We have temporarily suspended our league due to COVID, but are working to get it back up and running when things open up!